I am ‘enough’

By guest blogger Angela Glenn

You are enough.

I am enough, and so are you.

In honor of Suicide Awareness I wanted to share why I got my wrist tattoo. I have struggled on and off most of my adult life with bouts of depression. At the age of 38, and after the hardest year of my life, I have learned a few things that I have not always known to be true.

My truth is I am ENOUGH.
I am enough at my best and worst.
I am enough happy or sad.
I am enough fat or thin.
I am enough if my house is clean or dirty.
I am enough as a woman, wife & mother.
I am enough because I am exactly where God wants me in this moment.
I am enough because I am a sum of all of me, the good and the bad.

Suicide Prevention Week: You are loved beyond measure

Uncle David and sweet baby Cole.

Uncle David and sweet baby Cole.

By Uncle David Nicholas

It has been 101 days and 100 nights since my nephew, Cole Austin left us. 101 days of struggles and questions. 100 nights accompanied by the palpable presence of God’s nearness. 101 days of grace granted, and compassion conveyed from God, friends, family and strangers. 100 nights have passed, placing us in the middle of Continue reading