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Just like our experiences, each voice at TheBathwaterBlogs is unique. If you are interested in booking a speaker for your next event, just let us know!

Melanie Nicholas (Texas/Oklahoma) speaks on living with multiple sclerosis, family and marriage, empowered decision-making for moms and young adults, faith and gastric sleeve surgery.

Austin Moore (Oklahoma) speaks on fatherhood, grief, television production and photography.

Rachel Biggerstaff (West Texas) speaks on marriage and family, music and raising daughters.

Sarah Toth (Metroplex) is a boy mom who specializes in dinosaurs, photography, animal rescue and living a life with joy and charity. She loves to help other moms get their shit together by teaching them to be organized and how to say no.

Kathy Harris (Colorado) has a wealth of experience in managing (or sometimes, not) the work/life balance, pursuing passion, adoption, writing and the importance of dogs and fishing.

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