Little things add up to big things: Bring it, 2016

December 30, 2015

sarah_tothLast year I did a list of accomplishments that happened in 2014, just to remind myself that sometimes achieving little things can be awesome, too! I also did a list of goals for 2015, so let’s see how I did ….

2015 Goals: 1. Fix my hair / wear lipstick at least 3x per week (SUCCESS! Thanks Younique for the awesome lip stain and a shorter hairdo that made “fixing” it a requirement!) 2. potty-train Thing 2 before he can read/write (SUCCESS! It was a challenge but he’s a big boy now. Including four trips to the bathroom during the Star Wars movie, but I’m not bitter at all.) 3. Actually “do” yoga if I am going to wear yoga pants so much (FAIL! OK, so I didn’t do this. I will say, though, that I tried to limit my wearing of workout gear to when I’m actually going to and from the gym, so that’s something, right?)

So now it’s time for my accomplishments from 2015: 1. Lost 95 pounds. (Yep, you heard me!) 2. Rescued a Great Dane named Stella (Adopt, don’t buy!!!) 3. Completely cleaned out my closet and donated thousands of dollars of clothing I could no longer wear. (See #1) 4. Did not get Botox. 5. volunteered by taking photos of animals at the local animal shelter 6. survived the first half of the school year as Room Mom for both my boys’ classrooms 7. continued to make “giving back” a top priority for our family 8. Did a massive purge of “stuff” at the house in an attempt to de-clutter and simplify life 9. Stayed with my trainer for another year, and even though I need to get to the gym more, I am committed to leading a healthier lifestyle. and most importantly… 10. did NOT get pregnant!

2016 Goals: 1. Hit the gym at least 3 days a week, if not more 2. Lose another 55 lbs. 3. Focus more on my writing. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and now it’s time to take action. 4. Work on streamlining the back-end business aspects of my photography business. 5. Take the kids on an international trip.

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