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January 17, 2014

It's hard to manage laundry for four in here!
It’s hard to manage laundry for four in here!

My house is cluttered. I am kind of a slob. There. I said it. I know you’re all probably judging me, but it actually feels good to say it out loud. This is not to be mistaken with “dirty” because it’s not. I have a cleaning lady and underneath the piles and stacks and bins, things are sparkling!

My house wasn’t always this way. The kids did it — I swear! Well, maybe not entirely. But their toys and “stuff” is 90 percent of the problem. Well, maybe 75 percent. I will start off by saying that my husband knew that I was not Susie Homemaker when he married me. I was a career gal. I didn’t really cook and didn’t care to learn. This was an adjustment for my New Orleans husband who comes from a family where cooking is sort of their religion. I can do laundry like nobody’s business and sort of enjoyed it … until I had kids and there were four loads to be done daily. I mean, what’s the fun in THAT?

We had a small house near downtown, my husband’s former bachelor pad, and I could keep up with that. Then we decided to move to the ‘burbs into a house more than three times the size of our old one. That’s when I started getting overwhelmed. And by the way, just because you have more “space” doesn’t mean you don’t acquire more JUNK! So, I bought “things” to fill our new space. And I didn’t throw old stuff out. The boxes from our childhood, from college, from our single lives … they’re still here.
Comic books and Bart Simpson figurines from my husband’s past — present and accounted for. My doll clothes and mementos from high school friends — yep!

So in January 2010 we welcomed our first son, “Big A”. Well, go back to November 2009 to our first baby shower! O-M-G! Onesies, PJs, toys, bedding, burp cloths, bottles, diapers, teeny-tiny socks. It was like the local baby store threw up all over my house. There was no more room for Bart Simpson and Barbie, but did I get rid of them? Of course not! In January 2012, “Little A” joined the family and we had MORE baby stuff to add to our collection of now toddler items! I was completely overwhelmed and frankly, I shut down.

It's clean under here, I swear!
It’s clean under here, I swear!

So that brings me to now … kid stuff and clutter and a house bursting at the seams. We’re nowhere near hoarder status, but it’s definitely to the point where I’m not comfortable with it and neither is my dear hubby! Even now “Little A” is playing with his dinosaur atop a pile of junk mail next to my computer. Stop the madness!!! So this brings me to one of my New Year’s Resolutions… The Great Purge and De-clutter of 2014.

Stay tuned … and please, share your tips for managing clutter at home!


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    I’m a clutter queen, too. But I won’t say that it’s clean under all the clutter ….

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      Bwahahahahaaaa!! Well, I say mine is, bu it probalby isn’t ha!

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