Summer Mission: Renovate Myself

August 8, 2015

I have two speeds … glamour girl and homeless. There is no middle ground. It’s either a full face of makeup and dressed to party or yoga pants, no makeup and hair in a bun.

I've discovered spending just a few minutes on myself really makes a difference in the way I feel! And I'm not afraid to run into someone at the store.
I’ve discovered spending just a few minutes on myself really makes a difference in the way I feel! And I’m not afraid to run into someone at the store.

I’m not really sure how I got this way. I think it might have been when I worked full-time and had to be “dressed” five days a week. I took my weekends off and said “aw hell no” to makeup and hair products as much as humanly possible. Oh, and pants with buttons … those were off limits too.

I’ve been on a “get healthy” mission for the last few months. I’ve dropped a bunch of weight, been working out with my trainer more and have changed my eating habits. What hadn’t changed was my daytime wardrobe of yoga pants, no makeup and a bun perched on top of my head. I needed a change. Something had to give. So I started doing some thinking about what overwhelmed me about the “getting ready” process on a daily basis.

  1. Too Many Clothes. That’s right. I had too many clothes and not enough that fit me really well. In the process of losing weight, you tend to wear things that are too big for you for too long. My first step was to pretty much try on everything in my closet. It was a huge pain, but it allowed me to see what fit me well and what I really loved. Oh, and that I have 15 plain black t-shirts. Really? I was kind of appalled. So I started weeding stuff out and figuring out some key pieces that I needed to have a really good everyday wardrobe.
  2. Makeup Overhaul. I figured out pretty quickly that I had a makeup buying problem. I like to buy new makeup, but not necessarily wear it. So I thought about the key elements I needed to feel “done” when I left the house. For me it’s mascara, lipstick and foundation. I also realized that my old “preferred” makeup company tested on animals, which they previously said they didn’t, so I needed new stuff. I don’t support companies who test on animals, period. Enter Younique. My friend sold it and raved about it so I decided to give it a shot. It’s made in the USA and they don’t test on animals. Wahoo!! I love, love, LOVE the Younique 3D mascara for a finished look. The Stiff Upper Lip lip stain has been my saving grace. It comes in a bunch of colors, goes on wet, but dries matte and stays for hours and HOURS. And hours. It’s nuts. Finally, their cream foundation paired with their pressed powder foundation gave me a flawless complexion that I just don’t possess naturally.
  3. Big Hair, Don’t Care. Okay, well I decided I did care about my hair. It was too long. WAY too long. So long that I basically put it up in a bun or in a clip every single day. With no bangs and my hair pulled back all the time, I might as well have shaved my head. So I was off to my style guru, April, with a couple of pictures of what I wanted and bada-bing … about a foot of hair was instantly gone. Talk about LIBERATING! All of the sudden I had a sassy, short summer-friendly style that gave me an entirely new look. I even went back a few weeks later to have MORE cut off because I was digging the short hair so much.

So, in the end I decided that what would take me from “everyday homeless” to “chic mom on the go” was a well-fitting wardrobe to complement my new more svelte figure, good basic makeup that I could commit to wearing on a regular basis, and sassy hair that was shorter and easier to maintain, but could be styled in just a few minutes.

I’m not perfect and I still do wear yoga pants out of the house (and not to the gym) more than I should, but I am definitely taking more time for “me” on a daily basis. I have found that when I take the time to really get ready to leave the house, I just feel better. I don’t dread running into somebody I haven’t seen in a long time because I know I don’t look homeless. It’s a good feeling.

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