Take that, fat pincher!!

June 1, 2014

new sarahSo it’s been three weeks and I’ve had yet another horrifying date with Mr. Fat Pincher. Or was it? Not this time, folks!

You see… two weeks ago I decided to take the bull by the horns and get my diet under control. Really it was more like get my love of carbs under control. Yes, I cut carbs … and it about broke my heart. At first. Now, not so much. I’ve talked before about how I am an “all or nothing” girl. Food restrictions tend to be this way for me too. If you give me an inch I will take a mile. So, when I cut out carbs, I just know that I can’t have them. Chips and queso? Not for me! Margarita? Absolutely not! (Tito’s and soda? Um, yes please!) Mommy has her limits, let’s be realistic here. Adrienne (my fantastic trainer) was skeptical about this plan because with my five-day-a-week workouts, I pretty much needs carbs as my fuel to train.

I decided I would simply suck it up and plow through. I am not going to lie – there were a few days I struggled. There were days I felt really weak. I realized that carbs really are fuel for the amount of strength training and cardio I am doing. But now things have evened out a bit and my body has adjusted. I’m learning to live with fewer carbs … WAY fewer. I won’t be doing this forever and pretty soon I will start introducing healthy carbs back into my diet, but for now I’m feeling strong and great.

Oh, and about Mr. Fat Pincher. And Mr. Scale. Today I wasn’t scared. I was ready for them. And here’s why … in the last three weeks … ready for it????

-15 lbs

-6 inches

-2% total body fat

BAM! Take that, fat pincher!! Until we meet again…

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