To Our Kindergarten Teacher

August 24, 2015

Dear Mrs. M,

kinderboyI will say it. I am jealous. I see your sweet smile and joyful eyes and I just know my little boy is going to fall in love with you. You will spend more hours with him during the day than I will and he will be completely smitten. I just know it.

You’re adorable and he already says how awesome you are. You are bubbly, happy and know cool songs. I’m sure you even do “voices” when reading books. You have the energy and “newness” that I, boring old Mom, am lacking these days. I am giving you my most prized possession. My most precious gift. He’s my world and I’m handing him over to you.

I have a good feeling about you. I know you will love him and make his days fun and full of learning. Kindergarten is a huge step. He’s thrilled and beyond excited. I’m trying to fight back the tears. All I ask is that you take care of my baby boy.


Scared Kindergarten Mommy

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